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jc custodians


投資会社「jc custodians」のためのロゴ・名刺・レターヘッドデザイン。 デザインコンセプトを「Less is More – Maximum Return with Less Investment」とし、最小の投資で最大の回収を得ることを理念として、ミニマルなデザインで表現した。 jc custodians logo, business card & letterhead design art direction & design: kunitaka kawashimo date: June 11, 2015 Paper Color: Indigo (Japanese Blue) Specification: Japanese Gold & Silver Tiltling + Emboss Typeface: Sans-serif created by a Japanese Designer Design Concept: Less is More (Maximum Return with Less Investment) Design Element: Space + Typography – Simple, Unique, Modern & Different 001 logo3 Card preview2 MG 4512 edited MG 4514 edited